FOLLOW THE MUSIC has been described as "A must-read addition to the best chronicles of popular music," and "extraordinary history . . . funny, enlightening, and entertaining."


FOLLOW THE MUSIC is a fascinating study of the amazing cultural transformation from the Fifties to the Sixties and Seventies told in the voices of the Elektra artists, staffers, friends, lovers, competitors and adversaries who lived it.

Jac Holzman started his own record company when he was all of nineteen. His total assets amounted to a handful of dollars, a brain fizzing with ideas, and a heart pumping with naive late-teenage hope. He christened his label Elektra.

Twenty years later, Jac had brought five hundred albums into being.  He built the hippest, most advanced studio in the known world, its walls lined with gold and platinum records. and Elektra's reputation was global.  

And—central to his life and being—Jac was present at the creation of some of the most remarkable music of his remarkable times: The Doors, Love, Judy Collins, Carly Simon, Queen, The Stooges, Phil Ochs, Tim Buckley, MC5. . . the list goes on.

“Jac’s spirit was always grand and generous and adventurous. The Sixties coin of the realm was people making a new order of things. Jac did this on a huge scale.” –JACKSON BROWNE

“Elektra was the best feeling I ever had in the record business.” –CARLY SIMON

“To me, more than any other record executive that I’m aware of, Jac had all the attributes, all the pieces.” –MO OSTIN, former chairman of Dreamworks Records and chairman emeritus of Warner Bros. Records.