Available for Android and iOS

Cosmic Ringtones was inspired by Einstein‘s theories—later validated by astronomers, improvements in technology, and further made real by the creation of our most powerful tool for observation from low earth orbit, The Hubble Telescope. Hubble’s astonishing images have taken us far beyond our own galaxy and pointed us toward our beginnings.

An infinitesimal, diminutive speck of the cosmos lives in Earth’s night sky and constantly attracts our attention. On a clear evening you look up to identify the constellations and nearby planets, but there is so much more.

There is no sound or music in space (no atmosphere or sound waves), but the thought excites the imagination. Have you ever wondered what the Big Bang might have sounded like 13.8 billion years ago, or a Meteor Shower, or a Photon Fury?

Cosmic Ringtones is a carefully crafted collection of 25 ringtones, plus ringbacks and a bonus Cosmic Ringtone Suite translating cosmic events into compelling music.

For Android users:  Rather than post a bagful of ringtones online, we chose to offer them in context from a free and easy to use app that seamlessly downloads your ringtone choices directly to your Android phone. Each ringtone is paired with an informative description of what that tone means in our universe—just tap the tone’s title. Please enjoy the Cosmic Ringtones Suite, which blends nine (9) tones into a hypnotic five-minute event that you can play and replay for as long as this App remains on your Android phone or tablet.


Jac Holzman – Conceived and produced this project 68 years after he founded Elektra Records

Adam Holzman — Composed, Performed and Recorded the original music with his Star Fleet of electronic instruments

Russell Holzman — Coordinated the specialized building of the App and its public introduction

Jake Benton – Took all the bit and pieces and designed and constructed the Android app

Marin Sander Holzman — Created the YouTube video, which marries the Cosmic music to Hubble images

Tracy Blair-Liu — Research Supervisor